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Somewhere deep in the Sonoran desert

Expo Trophy 2007 Home

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expoT07-001 expoT07-002 expoT07-003
We decide not to follow the road! Sunset in New Mexico Sunset over Bluewater Lake
expoT07-004 expoT07-005 expoT07-006
Camping again Briefing for the first challenge The rock pile
expoT07-007 expoT07-008 expoT07-009
A valiant attempt that almost makes it Lance prepares to go up
expoT07-010 expoT07-011 expoT07-012
Over the top To the top The amazing Badger Mobile
expoT07-013 expoT07-014 expoT07-015
Greg's simple camp DD making the film Ed espousing the latex glove
expoT07-016 expoT07-017 expoT07-018
Our fearless leader JH getting dressed . . . for class!
expoT07-019 expoT07-020 expoT07-021
Tracking the dog that stole dinner Fantastic tips JS winner again on the sand course
expoT07-022 expoT07-023 expoT07-024
Greg making 2nd in 2wd Chasing through the sand course! Badgers on task
expoT07-025 expoT07-026 expoT07-027
Making the 110 turn . . . slowly! On the overland section
expoT07-028 expoT07-029 expoT07-030
G&C enjoying the trek Lance stopping for pics Where'd the stickers go?
expoT07-031 expoT07-032 expoT07-033
Tracks through the desert F'n 110! Nice Jeep justin!
expoT07-034 expoT07-035 expoT07-036
Will wheel lifting 110 down the slope Caution on the road!
expoT07-037 expoT07-038 expoT07-039
Scott's home Mario with 2 tents The SJ condo
expoT07-040 expoT07-041 expoT07-042
Scott making fun What bottle?! The audience appreciates it
expoT07-043 expoT07-044 expoT07-045
Dad can do it! Lance and Connie with the 110 Is that the OJ editors choice tent?!
expoT07-046 expoT07-047  
Editor extraordinaire! Looking very colonial