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Expedition Trophy 2007


Trophy thread on Expedition Portal

The Expedition Trophy is organized through the Expedition Portal forum and organized by the Expedition Society in association with Expeditions West. Previous iterations were organized just by Expeditions West, so this was the first year that the Overland Society was involved. This was also our first time there, though we did not compete.

Held from October 11th to the 14th just north of Phoenix Arizona, the Trophy involves a series of tasks for competitors ranging from navigation to problem solving and precision driving. After the competition portion of the event we took an overland route to a fantastic camp site that Scott had selected.

Open to a limited number of participants, the Trophy starts when the meeting waypoint is posted on the Portal!

We took a week off and made a slow drive down to the Phoenix area, stopping in southern Colorado and New Mexico on the way. We had a fantastic time meeting people in the flesh who we had only known by rumor before and re-aquainting with old friends.

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