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Oregon - On the Oregon Trail

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Into the unknown Not the landscape I expected Stopped for camp
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Camp near a small pond Pond in the late afternoon One of our neighbors for the night
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James and Angela enjoying sundowners Cool reflections We heard coyotes coming in to drink
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Moonrise over the hills Back onto the trail We found a long trail not well frequented
jelly_or-013 jelly_or-014 jelly_or-015
Dramatic tree Saw a bobcat close to this point Track was not on our maps . . .
jelly_or-016 jelly_or-017 jelly_or-018
. . .but it's more fun that way! We followed the trail for 3 days But not without complications
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The D-90 with complete electrical failure It was a pretty place to break down Checking pressures after fixing the 90
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We make it to the Alvord Desert View over the desert And another
jelly_or-025 jelly_or-026  
And another Graham and Connie on the Alvord