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Kruger Park!

Honeymoon home

South Africa 1
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Upon our arrival we picked up the Toyota and drove to Kruger Park. This is the biggest and most famous game park in South Africa. We stayed in a gorgeous chalet, thatched roof and all, outside the park. There were impala on the golf course, and hippos in the river just outside the fence. Over the next couple of days we honed our game-spotting skills on impala, baboons, hippo, giraffe, zebra, warthogs, hyena and elephants (among others.) We did not see any cats, though. Connie did have a close encounter with a Vervet monkey at one of the rest stops in the park. She bought some hot tea, and sat down at a bench with it to watch the monkeys. Suddenly one jumped on to the table and grabbed the sugar packets from her saucer and bounded away before she had time to react. We got the impression that the monkeys got plenty of practice at that maneuver.

hm98-rsa1-001 hm98-rsa1-002 hm98-rsa1-003
Chalet at Kruger Park Lodge Hippos at the lodge Wildlife on the golf course
hm98-rsa1-004 hm98-rsa1-005 hm98-rsa1-006
Pool at the lodge Hornbill in Kruger Vervet looking for handouts
hm98-rsa1-007 hm98-rsa1-008 hm98-rsa1-009
Hoping to see crocs! Tall crossing. Giraffe looking on.
hm98-rsa1-010 hm98-rsa1-011 hm98-rsa1-012
Buffalo and impala. Lazy hippos. Looking over the river.
hm98-rsa1-013 hm98-rsa1-014 hm98-rsa1-015
Connie and the guard. Rush hour! Baboon troop on the move.
hm98-rsa1-016 hm98-rsa1-017 hm98-rsa1-018
Partridge. Connie. More lazy hippos.
hm98-rsa1-019 hm98-rsa1-020 hm98-rsa1-021
Cheeky monkey! Zebra. Elephant.
hm98-rsa1-022 hm98-rsa1-023 hm98-rsa1-024
More giraffe. Zebra plodding along. Warthog joining the waterbuck scene.
hm98-rsa1-025 hm98-rsa1-026 hm98-rsa1-027
Duiker. Lonely wildebeest. Kudu.

Then, all too soon, it seemed, we headed back to Johannesburg to pick up the 110. We had arranged to stay at the NederPort bed and breakfast and it was to here that the Defender was delivered. After a quick inventory of the equipment (including maps, lamps, stove, fridge, sleeping bags, water jugs & a bottle of champagne) and a demo of the roof top tent we took possession. We stayed at NederPort for an extra day to allow time for purchasing food and other supplies and because the people there were so pleasant.

hm98-rsa1-028 hm98-rsa1-029 hm98-rsa1-030
Back at the chalet. Picking up the Defender. Loading for the trip ahead.
hm98-rsa1-031 hm98-rsa1-032  
Connie making sure we have everything. Graham looking forward to Botswana.