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Umfalozi and Lesotho!

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South Africa 1
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Our last week was spent in Durban on the beach. We traded the 110 in for a Rocsta, which looks like a cross between a Jeep and a Geo Tracker, and drives even worse. It was a huge let down after the 110, but it was also a lot cheaper to rent.
Our first destination was Umfalozi, a game park on the Natal coast. We only spent a day in the park, but got to see rhino which we had not seen elsewhere.

hm98-rsa2-001 hm98-rsa2-002 hm98-rsa2-003
Zebras in Umfalozi Warthogs as well Crossing the road
hm98-rsa2-004 hm98-rsa2-005 hm98-rsa2-006
Nyala browsing Lazy white rhino Ichy!

We also spent one day exploring the eastern portion of Lesotho. The goal had been to go over Sani Pass and then on to Roma where Graham was born. Unfortunately, mainly due to weather, we had to skip Roma, but had a good time exploring anyway.

hm98-rsa2-007 hm98-rsa2-008 hm98-rsa2-009
Sunset over the beach in Durban Sani Pass View of the Drakensburg
hm98-rsa2-010 hm98-rsa2-011 hm98-rsa2-012
Rocsta at the top of Sani "Sweets! Sweets!" Finding our own way
hm98-rsa2-013 hm98-rsa2-014 hm98-rsa2-015
Stopped by the river Hotel on the beach Connie

For a 4 week honeymoon we had a great time. We covered 3000 miles, mostly off-road, in the Defender and had a great time. After the trip Connie gave the green light for preparations for the London to Cape Town trip in 2004!