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Why a Defender 110?

Iteration 1 (2003 Africa buildup)

Iteration 2 (2005 & 2006 Post Africa refurb)

Iteration 3 (New mods & Pre-Oz buildup)

Iteration 4 (More mods & More-Oz buildup)

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a well proven expedition vehicle. Our decision to use one was based on several factors (see Why a Defender 110?).

As with any expedition vehicle, ours is continually changing as we use it. Modifications are made, updated, improved or removed based on our experience in the field. This is not a linear process, and I expect it will never be complete. So to document the truck "as it is" I will document the modification iterations that it has gone through. In addition I will document major repairs and services.

Current stats:
GVW: 7716 lbs or 3500 kg
Our loaded weight: 6900 lbs or 3129 kg
Water capacity: 10 USgal or 37.7 L (onboard, not counting jerry cans)
Fuel capacity: 37 USgal or 140 L (not counting jerry cans)
MPG: 21.63 (under expedition conditions) NOW 26.16 with new turbo
Range: 800.31 miles or 1287 km NOW 968 miles or 1558 km with new turbo